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Vendelbo Jamborette

We are to learn to know one another between the groups, to be inspired by new activities and experience each other’s campsites. We therefore ask all groups, prior to the camp, to plan a group activity that can be held in your camp area or alternatively on the camp road beside your campsite.

You have to plan an activity of approximately 1½ hour. The activity must accommodate your own scouts + an equal number of scouts, that is, participates your group with 20 scouts, your activity should be able to accommodate 40 scouts in total.

You decide the activity yourself, whether it should be fun, creative or whatever else exciting experiences you can think of. Should you plan on special activities that require a little financial support, you can write to the activity committee before June 15 with a description of the activity and the expected economy. You will then receive a feedback whether the activity can be accommodated within the camp's economy.

Activity period 1: 09.00-10.30

Activity period 2: 11.00-12.30

Example of the organization of group activities: Your scouts stay in their own camp in activity period 1, and will be visited by a corresponding number of scouts (incl. Leaders). Your scouts visit another group in activity period 2 (incl. Leaders).

On arrival at the camp, you will receive activity tickets for your group. It is not certain that all scouts will have the same activity, but we hope that the leaders will distribute the tickets appropriate between your scouts.

Registration of activity incl. number of scouts and age distribution, not later than June 15th.  


VJ2015 merchandise

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Who will come?

Girlguiding Ulster
DDS Barrit Gruppe
Lady B.P, Leudelange, LUX
  DDS 1. Strib Gruppe
  Saltsjö-Boo Scoutkår, SWE
  DDS Strarup Gruppe
KFUM Øster Højest
DDS Norborgspejder
DDS 1. Ry Gruppe
DDS Knud Søhane
DDS Sæbygaard
Sventorp Gruppe, SWE
Furulund Scoutkår, SWE
DDS Lars Kruse
135ème Unite SGP, BEL
  DDS Normannerne
DDS Ferslev Gruppe
DDS Nature's Finest
DDS Storaa Gruppe
DDS Magleby Spejderne
YMCA Sandsvær, NOR

...and more!