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Vendelbo Jamborette

Who are behind the Vendelbo Jamboree? Vendelbo Division which is a part of The Danish Guide and Scout Association

What does provisional signup mean? A provisional signup ensures you a place on the jamboree, which has a maximum of 1,200 participants. The registration is not binding, and you can change the number of participants right up to the final registration, which will be in March.

What is "half camp"? "Half camp" runs from Tuesday to Saturday - ie July 28th to August 1st. "Half camp" is intended for the youngest scouts from 6 to 10 years. Activities and program of the week is organized such that there are only activities for the older scouts on the first days of camp.

Which ages can participate? All scouts 6-23 years of age can participate in the jamboree. There are activities that are common for all, but also activities that are specifically designed for the age groups 6-10 years, 10-12 years, 12-17 years and 17-23 years.

What about equipment. Must we bring everything?  No. We can offer help from a Danish scout group to provide tents and other necessary camp equipment, which is difficult/expensive to travel with, so you don't need to carry anything but your personal gear on the trip.

Can I send mail to a scout on the camp? Yes, of course! Use this address:

<Scout Group Name>
<Scout's Name>
Vendelbo Jamboree
c/o Vendelbo Division
Elmevej 6, Mosbjerg
DK 9870 Sindal

P.S.: If you are sending candy ... it'll be great :)

I'm have a food allergy. Can I have a special diet? Yes! See this page: Special diet 


VJ2015 merchandise

Together with TIP TOP Erhverv in Skagen the Vendelbo Jamboree can now offer you T-shirts and other merchandise with the VJ2015 logo. Push the button below, and become well dressed on the Vendelbo Jamboree 2015! (Psst: the secret password is - jamborette)

Who will come?

Girlguiding Ulster
DDS Barrit Gruppe
Lady B.P, Leudelange, LUX
  DDS 1. Strib Gruppe
  Saltsjö-Boo Scoutkår, SWE
  DDS Strarup Gruppe
KFUM Øster Højest
DDS Norborgspejder
DDS 1. Ry Gruppe
DDS Knud Søhane
DDS Sæbygaard
Sventorp Gruppe, SWE
Furulund Scoutkår, SWE
DDS Lars Kruse
135ème Unite SGP, BEL
  DDS Normannerne
DDS Ferslev Gruppe
DDS Nature's Finest
DDS Storaa Gruppe
DDS Magleby Spejderne
YMCA Sandsvær, NOR

...and more!