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Vendelbo Jamborette

If you are an adult and want to participate in the jamboree as an individual, you can sign up as a volunteer. 

As a volunteer you will have to do voluntary work to run the camp. This can be anything from helping to cook food for the rest of the volunteers to setting up and managing activities for the younger scouts and guides - depending on your skills and wishes. There will be about 100 volunteers working on the camp. It will not be all work, and you will have plenty of time and opportunity to make friends and have fun with other volunteers, scout leaders and scouts on the camp.

If you have something special you can contribute to the jamboree in form of cultural or scouting traditions from your country, please let us know. This could be a chant, a game, a cook-along session with a scout group or something entirely different. The jamboree is also about meeting people and learning about the World.

The camp fee for volunteers are EUR 70 which covers the stay and all meals on the camp. You will have an option of participating in the 3 day pre-camp and the 1-day post-camp at no extra cost.

If you consider to volunteer, please use the contact form for more details.


VJ2015 merchandise

Together with TIP TOP Erhverv in Skagen the Vendelbo Jamboree can now offer you T-shirts and other merchandise with the VJ2015 logo. Push the button below, and become well dressed on the Vendelbo Jamboree 2015! (Psst: the secret password is - jamborette)

Who will come?

Girlguiding Ulster
DDS Barrit Gruppe
Lady B.P, Leudelange, LUX
  DDS 1. Strib Gruppe
  Saltsjö-Boo Scoutkår, SWE
  DDS Strarup Gruppe
KFUM Øster Højest
DDS Norborgspejder
DDS 1. Ry Gruppe
DDS Knud Søhane
DDS Sæbygaard
Sventorp Gruppe, SWE
Furulund Scoutkår, SWE
DDS Lars Kruse
135ème Unite SGP, BEL
  DDS Normannerne
DDS Ferslev Gruppe
DDS Nature's Finest
DDS Storaa Gruppe
DDS Magleby Spejderne
YMCA Sandsvær, NOR

...and more!